The people just gave me a good dinner. We had whitefish. The big smoked kind. And cucumber.

I had to pat redbird on the leg to remind her that I needed lots. Then she gave it to me. Purrrrrrrr.

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They're home!

My people were gone for a long time. Someone else came in once, and she's nice, but I was alone at night. *meow*

redbird and cattitude seem to be okay. They gave me lots of cuddles, some cream. and some beef with orange flavor. But I don't like this.

Not much lunch

redbird tried to tell me that I don't like French toast. Silly. But she's a nice person. She said that while holding out a nibble.

I like French toast, so I ate it. Then I had to wait, and tap her with my paw, to get a second bite.

No, it isn't pate. It isn't roast lamb. But I like it.
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It looked like a good evening. My redbird is home, and I'd licked her hand and gone to watch her unpack.

Then the humans did the stuff that brings food in. This time, they opened the door and That Cat walked in like he owned the place. Redbird hurried after him and chased him out again, and then they fed me lots of Chinese beef.

He was still sitting there after dinner. cattitude took him back downstairs, but it won't last. He lurks on my fire escape, watching the windows.

They had to explain to adrian_turtle that I hadn't invited him.
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I seem to have lots of new readers, and am wondering why. I haven't posted here recently.

Mostly I bounce around, wash, sleep, and eat the various nice things my humans bring in from Out There.